Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Learnings of a SEADO

"Problema sa Trabaho, iSEnA mo!"

This is the tagline of the Single Entry Approach (SENA) - a reform measure carried out by DOLE to effect faster, fairer, and inexpensive settlement of labor issues and to prevent these issues from maturing into actual labor cases.  
With SENA, single entry desks (SEADs) were established in all DOLE Offices nationwide to serve affected workers and employers.  SEADOs (Single Entry Approach Desk Officers) like us are tasked to facilitate conciliation-conferences/meetings between opposing parties and help them resolve their issues within 30 days.

Our role as SEADO offers us access, privilege and the honor to be part of the lives of those requesting for assistance. Through this position, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these people we are assisting. We are in a place where we can share in-depth human experiences, witness a wide range of emotions and be present when people are at a crossroad in their lives, searching for directions and right decisions. In handling RFAs, we are given a precious gift - the stories of different people and our experiences with them during the proceedings that we carry within us.

Being a SEADO made me a better and a stronger person though at times I have to weep, go home with a heavy heart, and worst having sleepless nights while thinking of ways for a speedy settlement of the issues brought about by the aggrieved party.

If I have to describe my life as a SEADO, it is a heart with many phases and faces.

I am broken and at the lowest point of my life handling RFAs like these:
  • mother at odds with a daughter she is working for (monetary benefit was paid but broken relationship remained :-( ); and
  • issues unresolved and you have no choice but to endorse them to proper venue and worst - simple RFAs maturing into actual labor cases.

I am all smiles when I am able to to settle issues lodged within 30 minutes, an hour, or even within the day.

Hearing the requesting parties say 
"thank you"
"God bless you", 
and "may you continue helping people
is simply priceless!

Makes me feel that a place is reserved for me in heaven :-D.

I feel comfortable and whole  with these resolved RFAs:

  • truck owner betrayed by his trusted driver ( matter argued upon was patched up, owner has to let go of his driver but with due compensation even if he is not worthy of it);
  • hotel owner being oppressed by her worker(worker has attitude but owner being the good samaritan that she is still gave him something to start a small business) ;
  • about to be displaced workers and their employer with a really big heart ( after payment of separation pay and after shedding tears and saying goodbyes to their colleagues and employer, the employer declared nobody loses his/her job for she is ready to open another business and hire all of them even if she is in a wheelchair already - I can't help it but to cry with them in joy );  and
  • workers who are non-Gensan residents claiming for unpaid wages  and got no place to stay for the night while waiting for the schedule of payment on the next day(facilitated a place for them to rest that is safe and with free provision - the police station!  heartbreaking but made me smile when the worker said thank you for they were treated well there).
To sum up, I still have a lot of stories to tell in my journey as a SEADO and each story represents LIFE and HOPE!

Thank you, folks, for reading this piece and may we all have a blessed holy week ahead of us!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Toyland at SM Gensan

It's the time of the year that is near and dear to us and what makes it more exciting was the launching of SM Gensan's giant Christmas Tree with "Toyland" as theme last November 9, 2014 at their Event Center.

During the launch of Christmas Toyland at SM Gensan, we saw Christmas coming and somebody nice was there to welcome us - Santa Claus!
Aside from our guest from the north pole, there were also Christmas carolers and ballerinas to entertain SM Gensan shoppers during the launch.

At SM Gensan, it's Christmas and definitely it will be merry for it is the season of toys, gifts, and bright shining lights!
#merrySMchristmas , everyone!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launched in Gensan

photo grabbed from Ms. Chiclet's post :-D
JKC Happy Plus Card - an electronic wallet and rewards earning membership card for kids that can be used for food purchases in 
Chowking and 
Red Ribbon.

The card can be had for Php100.00 at selected Jollibee stores.  Secured one for my youngest daughter Jasmine and this entitled her to a 3-year membership with the Jollibee Kids Club.

I loaded the card with a certain amount that can be used by my daughter in paying for any Jollibee favorite of hers.  Points are earned for every purchase made.using the JKC Happy Plus Card.  Aside from this, what makes it more exciting are the freebies for all cardholders, such as:
- free vanilla twirl; 
- discount coupons worth Php250.00 (can be used at Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon); 
- a chance to join in the monthly raffle and eventually win Php100,000.00; and
- a chance to win one of the 5 JKC Certificates worth Php6,000.00.

             This amazing card was formally launched in Gensan on May 10, 2014 at the SM Activity Area.   Host for the event was the very bubbly MUS mainstay Ms. Rhyndyll Faye Bartolaba.

It was an event that's full of excitement and surprises.  Kids and adults alike were treated to a moment of colors and sheer joy.  It was spectacular and even if I have to shell out some amount for the registration of my kids and nephews, it was worth it for they did truly enjoyed the activity.

Thanks for the opportunity Ms. Chiclet!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tang Sweet Orange is Perfect to a T

I am one of those moms who believe that good drink  doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  For  only Php8.95, one can have a liter or 1.5 liter serving of our all-time favorite juice drink depending on one's taste preference.  

Tang's quest of satisfying the palate of all of us here in Mindanao is simply admirable. They came up with this new variance to quench our thirst for real orange goodness - the Tang Sweet Orange!

Tang's newest baby
Tang Sweet Orange is being indorsed by the very handsome Gerald Anderson.  Yes dear, our favorite star from Gensan patronizes product.  He was around during the Press Launch in one of the hotels here in the City.  His presence was a manifestation of how serious the manufacturers of this brand are in trying to win the approval of the general public.
Mr. Gerald Anderson
True enough, Tang Sweet Orange delivers!   Tried pairing it with my fresh kaffir lime fruits and what came out was a refreshing drink perfect for the summer weather.
Iced cold Tang Sweet Orange with slices of fresh Kaffir Lime
our kaffir tree

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pampered to the Hilt! (The Seda Experience)

I have a secret to tell, I have a wish that came true during my recent trip to Manila.  Now it is secret no more,  I had then the luxury of getting pampered without being bothered at all. :-D  Thank you, good Lord!
The 11th floor suite room we stayed in boasts of superb amenities and facilities.  This is one of those places inside the hotel wherein one has to have a security pass in order to be allowed entry :-D
so huge immaculate bathroom

classy toiletries

the sparkling mini kitchen

handsome working area

so relaxing mini living room

king-sized  bed fit for a queen

the two-door wall mounted cabinet with our own security deposit box and
 ironing board with electric iron( a welcome relief for moms like me)
To describe in one sentence my Seda  experience -  It was magnificent!

Seda Bonifacio Global City is located 
at the corner of 30th Street and 11th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Three Points for Alaxan FR's Courts of Inspiration

Barangay Labangal, under the leadership of Bgy. Captain Lorelei Pacquiao, in General Santos City is the lucky 21st recipient of Alaxan FR's Courts of Inspiration project. Local residents together with Alaxan FR reps worked together for several weeks to put up this modest basketball court to encourage youngster to pursue their dream in sports.  

PBA legends (Jerry Cordinera, Johnny Abarrientos, Ronnie Magsanoc, Benjie Paras, and Alvin Patrimonio) were around during the formal turn-over ceremony last Saturday.  They conducted a basketball clinic for the youngsters of the place and awed the audience during their exhibition match with local barangay officials.

The Court of Inspiration can now be used by basketball superstar wannabes in honing their skills and eventually in achieving their cherished dreams someday.

Go Alaxan FR!  Go Barangay Labangal!
Bgy. Labangal youngsters given hands-on training on basketball by the PBA Legends

future basketball superstars of Bgy. Labangal, GSC

Soxbloggers with Stratworx rep

palm marks of our basketball superstars

Benjie Para a.k.a Papa Bear as he answers query from the media

my time to shine with shining basketball superstars as background

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Place so Comfy and Homey

A beautiful space that you reside in is a reflection and extension of you, 
what you are and what you love.

Part of my plans this year is to think, write, and rave only about what's good and beautiful.  For a start, I will be giving you dear readers a peek  inside  the very elegant home of a friend.
I  so love this masterpiece!
who would have thought of a home with an elevator inside?

the owner's welcoming smile served as the author's inspiration in writing this piece

the cavernous living room

so spacious bathroom

the door leading to the kids' study room

loved this round thing inside the master's bedroom
The key to make a house homey is easy - it's the warmth and kindness of the people residing in that abode.  Everyone is comfortable in a space knowing that it will provide you with peace of mind and that you've made every nook and cranny of this place as comfortable and inviting as possible.